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Stop ideas from falling through the cracks...

Your employees have great ideas, but most of them are getting lost, not getting 'followed-up on' or simply going unsaid. Vetter's ideas software can fix this:

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What is Vetter?

Vetter is an online employee suggestion system.

It replaces your ageing/defunct suggestion box with an always-available, efficient, convenient and effective system.


We have lots of set-up options. Check out the video for more: 

Vetter's big advantages over

Paper & Excel-based

Suggestion Systems: 


Stop Ideas falling

through the cracks

Multiple ways to collect ideas in one central location.  Process the next steps efficiently with purpose-built tools and features.  


Gain back time by cutting non-value added work

No more soul-destroying data-entry. No more running around chasing after ideas/projects. No more wasting time on non-value added work! 


Higher Participation

& Engagement

Kickstart your suggestion program by Visibly show employees that you want new ideas, you are listening and you are taking action on submissions. 

Test-drive Vetter, before you buy

Will Vetter fit with your workflows and your company operates?

Find out by doing a free-trial. We'll get your idea submission form set up as you like it, switch on the features you need and get you going.


Customers have run trials with as little as 2 people and as many as 200. 

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A system created from 100s of conversations with companies making pipes, decking, drugs, trucks and everything in between

Hi I'm Duncan and I'm a co-founder of Vetter. Starting off at age 16 in a meat-packing plant, I've worked for years in industrial environments.


This gave me a base knowledge of the what makes this type of environment different to an office. 100s of conversations since 2011, when Vetter was born, have led to a deep understanding of what industrial companies need in Suggestion System Software.


Vetter is tailored for industrial companies as you'll see from the feature set, and I'd love to show it to you. 

100% Private, 100% Secure
24/7 customer service (phone/email) 
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"One of the things we love about Vetter is the Administrative time
to manage the program is kept to a minimum."

— Peggy Carson,

Director Supply Chain Management,

Universal Avionics

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“Vetter customer service has been great, I really feel like they want our Continuous Improvement program to succeed, they care about that". 

—Todd Burnett,

Executive Business Excellence Leader at

Georg Fischer Central Plastics


“We've made our online suggestion system scheme very democratic , open and transparent. Vetter makes it easy  and enabled me to scrap my hours-long use of spreadsheets to dissect and analyse ideas - now i do it all in Vetter”

—Paul Burke,

General Manager at 

TTL, a UK-based steel company

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