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Stop ideas falling through the cracks...

with an ideas system built for factories

Your employees have great ideas, but most of them are getting lost, not getting 'followed-up on' or simply going unsaid. Vetter can fix this:


Smart Managers, Admins, Continuous Improvement/Lean folks at companies around the world use Vetter:

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Vetter's big advantages over

Paper & Excel-based

Suggestion Systems:   !! needs improvemen

Stop Ideas falling

through the cracks

Vetter can keep track of ideas and make it easy to monitor the solutions to help your business.

Eliminate non-value 

add work

No more chasing up ideas/projects. Assign to an Idea Owner and set a due date to remind them, easy!


Higher Participation

& Engagement

Give your suggestion program a much-needed digital shot in the arm!

"Fingers crossed I’ll get follow-up on my idea before I reach retirement. I’m only 32!”

- Sarcastic Sam*

* Sam is not a real person but there could be many 'Sams' in your company. 


Stop ideas falling through the cracks… and follow up and close-out ideas quicker with Vetter. 

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Does your suggestion scheme have these problems?
  • Morale drops because employees can't get closure or credit on ideas they had

  • You are not getting as many ideas as you or senior leadership would like

  • It's usually the 'same few' folks that are participating and you want everyone to get involved

  • Employees tell their manager about their ideas but often their manager rejects it outright, says "that's not how things are done here"  or even worse - just forgets!

  • Teams within your company are not able to share best practices, tips and tricks they've discovered

  • Admin time of your current system is eating into more value-add work that could be done

  • Tracking is a big pain, you hate having to run around chasing up people who were supposed to do something with an idea you got

  • You're calling, emailing or hunting down idea submitters to update them on the status

  • Typing data into Excel - you are doing this regularly and this isn't what you signed up for!

  • When leadership want to see reports, data, summaries it's a mad scramble to get all that stuff together

Test-drive Vetter, before you buy

Will Vetter fit with your workflows and your company operates?

Find out by doing a free-trial. We'll get your idea submission form set up as you like it, switch on the features you need and get you going.


Customers have run trials with as little as 2 people and as many as 200. 

A system created from 100s of conversations with manufacturing folks like you
Duncan headshot in front of factory IMG_

Hi I'm Duncan and I'm a co-founder of Vetter. Starting off at age 16 in a meat-packing plant, I've worked for years in factory environments.


This gave me a base knowledge of the what makes this type of environment different to an office. 100s of conversations since 2011, when Vetter was born, have led to a deep understanding of what manufacturing companies need in Suggestion System Software.


Vetter isn't general-purpose, one size fits all software we are providing here. It's tailored to manufacturers, as you'll see from the feature set, and I'd love to show it to you. 

100% Private, 100% Secure
24/5 customer service (phone/email). 
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Vetter - a 5 minute demo

See how easy Vetter is for employees to use, and how Admins have all the features they need to run their suggestion program efficiently:


“all other online solutions I found were too big and complicated”

—Huub Sparnaay, 

CEO, AlphaComm


“Participation, with our old system, was reasonable but the admin time was VERY time-consuming. We'd take the paper idea cards and have to type them into Excel, then email and call people to get the review going. It was not fun. ”

—Angie Bohlmann,

FirstClick Consulting

“The Vetter system is flexible enough to make it easy to use and mold to my specific needs.”

—Andrew Tunstall,

Human Resource Manager,


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