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Do more than collect ideas.
Profit from them.

Vetter is much more than an online suggestion box.

We’ve built more than a dozen useful features into the program to help you collect, rate and implement the very best ideas into your manufacturing processes. 

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Collect great ideas from everyone in your facility.

Submitting new ideas in Vetter is easy and fast. Ideas can be submitted on a computer or through our mobile app.


And you can customize the submission form to collect the data you need, set submissions as anonymous and more.

Pose a challenge to gather specific ideas or feedback

You can target a particular area and ask for specific feedback and ideas by setting up a challenge. Set a time limit, choose the participants, and even add a prize, then watch as the ideas pour in.

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Add Feedback to improve submissions

Whether it’s asking for more information on an idea, congratulating employees after implementation, or even rejecting an idea in a way that encourages more submissions, Vetter makes it happen.

Assign responsibility to an owner so things get done

Once the best ideas are selected for implementation, Vetter allows you to assign an “idea owner” to follow up and make sure ideas aren’t lost in the day to day work at your facility.

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"We were very happy with the creativity of our factory-floor workforce, with over 80% having submitted an idea at some point".

- Paul Burke, GM at Texturing Tech (UK)

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Turn on idea rating to find the best candidates to implement (optional)

After ideas are submitted, you can add the option for employees to give their input, add comments and rate ideas so the best ones rise to the top. You can also set Vetter so that an admin approves ideas before employees share their thoughts.

Allow anonymous submissions for more honest feedback (optional)

To gather more truthful feedback when employees might be unwilling to share their actual thinking or fear retribution for critical ideas, submissions can be set as anonymous to protect the identity of the submitter

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Using a Touch Phone
Mobile friendly so employees can use Vetter without a computer

We’ve built Vetter so everyone in your facility can use it—even if they don’t use a computer as part of their daily work. Vetter works on mobile phones, tablets and iPads so all your employees can submit ideas and be heard.

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The noticeboard allows you to communicate with all Vetter users

Sometimes you need to share an announcement with everyone who submitted an idea, or everyone who suggested improvements. With the noticeboard, it’s easy to share messages, links, images and more.

Using a Touch Phone

"Vetter provides transparency to employees as it generates updates on ideas as they progress from submission through to implementation".


Craig Newman, Senior Manager BPI at PNB (Australia)

Using a Touch Phone
Enable administrator moderation before sharing

Some organizations prefer to sort or endorse idea submissions before sharing with everyone for feedback.


So Vetter includes an option to enable idea approvals.

Set up groups to organize employees by location, job function and more

Vetter is built to group employees based on the criteria that suits your organization, from business units like engineering or accounting to locations, job types and tenure with the company—you can even set up an “All Company” group. Vetter can be set up however you want to help the right ideas spread.

Using a Touch Phone
Using a Touch Phone
Add categories for idea management

Admins can set up categories for employees to help organize ideas as they’re submitted, then category analytics helps you track ideas and monitor trends.

Run reports so you can see ideas move through the process

Vetter makes it easy to see who is submitting ideas, which ideas are getting traction, and where you are in the implementation phases. Download reports to a CSV file or a PDF to share with colleagues and higher-ups.

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Get a free, fully functional trial of Vetter now.

Your free trial of Vetter isn’t a stripped down version with limited usability. It includes all of these features, so you can see how Vetter can help you collect more ideas and drive improvement.

Start collecting and implementing better ideas with Vetter.

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